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NEW: Denver Health Staff Vaccination Numbers

NEW: Face mask reminder for staff

REMINDER: Denver Health’s New Vaccine Registration for the General Public Age 70+

What You Need to Know

As of 8 a.m. today, Denver Health had 24 inpatient COVID-19 cases (+3 vs yesterday).

For more information, visit the Denver Public Health COVID-19 Data Summary (use Edge or Chrome). The website is updated daily and contains data on cases, hospitalization, deaths, testing and symptoms.

NEW: Denver Health Staff Vaccination Numbers

These vaccination numbers were updated at 3 p.m. today.

  • 5,825 employees and residents have received their first dose of vaccine.

  • 3,667 employees and residents have received their second dose of vaccine.

  • 994 employees and residents have active MyChart accounts and scheduling tickets, but have not scheduled a first dose yet.

NEW: Face Masks and Face Shields are Still Mandatory For Staff At Work

While more Denver Health staff continue to get vaccinated, we need to remind physicians, nurses, providers and staff that face masks and face shields are required (as applicable to your job), whether or not you have gotten your second vaccine. Face masks and face shields continue to be another line of defense in protecting yourself, your colleagues and your patients. At this time there is no timeline for when this directive will be lifted.

REMINDER: Per State Orders, Denver Health Opens Vaccine Registration for All Area Residents 70+

On Friday, Denver Health joined other area hospitals in opening up online and phone registration for the COVID-19 vaccine to anyone age 70 and older, in accordance with guidelines from the State. The vaccination registration form and hotline is for individuals to indicate interest in receiving a vaccination. Once people are registered, we will contact them to schedule an appointment based on vaccine availability. The online form and hotline are on the Denver Health website.

NOTE: Denver Health patients should not sign up through the COVID-19 Vaccine Interest Registration Form. We continue to reach out to our patients through MyChart, email, phone and our normal processes to schedule appointments when their priority group becomes eligible. Once invitations are sent, patients can still schedule an appointment through MyChart or through the appointment center at 303-436-4949.

REMINDER: Updated Guidelines for Research at Denver Health

Beginning today, Denver Health’s Office of Research has amended its guidelines and restrictions. Please see the link for updated research guidance at Denver Health. Restrictions have been reduced, with precautions still in place. Guidance for Research Activity at DHHA.

REMINDER: Providers Now Have Ability to Order a COVID-19 Vaccine for Vaccine-Eligible Patients

In accordance with current State guidance, Denver Health continues to vaccinate healthcare workers, public safety partners, and those who are 70 years and older. Any patient who is at least 70 years old and has been seen in the Denver Health system within the last 3 years is automatically able to schedule a vaccine appointment; an order is not required for this age group.

As of today, outpatient, ED/urgent care, and inpatient providers have the ability to order a COVD-19 vaccine for patients who are not in the 70 and older group but who meet current State eligibility criteria (e.g., a patient who is a healthcare worker at another facility). At this time, orders are not appropriate for those who are below the dotted line in Phase 1B or in phase 2 or 3. Placing an order allows the patient to schedule into an existing DH COVID-19 vaccine clinic or allows the appointment center or DH staff to assist with scheduling the patient into one of these clinics. At this point, vaccine ordered by a provider cannot be administered at an outpatient appointment, ED/urgent care visit, or inpatient stay, although we are working towards this for a future state. The order number for the first dose of the vaccine is IMM209 (see screenshot).

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Please email with any questions.

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