Tuesday, January 11, 2022

NEW: Epidemiology Data and Notes

NEW: Visitor Policy Moves to Emergent Tier

REMINDER: Masking Policy for Hospital Inpatients/Visitors

REMINDER: COVID-19 Travel Testing Available

What You Need to Know

NEW: Epidemiology Data and Notes

As of 6:30 AM Denver Health has 70 COVID-19 Patients, 57 are on the Floor, 13 in the ICU, 10 on a ventilator.

NEW: Visitor Policy Status Update – Emergent Tier Enacted

Late last year Denver Health adopted tier-based visitor guidelines to manage COVID-19 cases, patient volumes and community needs.

Starting today, January 11, 2022 Denver Health will move to an updated tiered system and will operate under the emergent tier. Tiers will be evaluated on a weekly basis by the COVID-19 Taskforce in coordination with our Patient Safety Team.

Please see a link to the full tiers HERE. As well as patient flyers HERE.

What you need to know about the Emergent Tier:

  1. Emergent Tier may be triggered and implemented by clinical and operational executive leadership when other variables beyond those specified in the Decision-Making Matrix occur.

  2. The new tier restricts visitation for Non-COVID patients in our Adult Acute and Critical Care units to 1 visitor / day (same visiting hours, no switches).

  3. We continue to have a pre-defined list of “Other Allowable Visits” for both COVID and non-COVID patients.

Visitors of all types play an active and essential role in a patient’s health care journey and across the continuum of care.

Throughout the pandemic, Denver Health has remained committed to maintaining the presence of visitors in all health care settings to support the delivery of high-quality, patient-centric care, while ensuring the safest environment for staff, patients, and the community.

To view the full policy please click HERE.

REMINDER: Denver Health Masking Policy for Staff, Patients and Visitors

Staff must wear a mask at all times, except when eating and drinking, or when in a room alone. To view our masking policy click HERE

As a reminder to staff:

1. Medical mask is sufficient for most COVID prevention.

2. Clinical staff are welcome to add face shield.

3. Clinical staff are welcome to escalate to N95 if they’d like, but the marginal

benefit is quite small unless a core AGP is performed.

4. Core AGP should have N95 all the time

Patients must wear a mask whenever awake in a room with another individual. This includes:

  • When in a shared room

  • When in open milieus such as the Oasis or Psychiatry units

  • When staff enters a room

  • When visitors enter a room

For a Flyer for your unit on the policy please click HERE to print.

A patient letter has also been sent to nursing leadership to give to all admitted patients. For a copy of that letter please click HERE.

Visitors must wear a mask at all times indoor on the Denver Health campus except when eating and drinking. Masks must be work when visitors are in a closed room with a patient.

Please remember that we all play an important role in communicating directly with our co-workers, patients, and visitors about masking requirements.

REMINDER: COVID-19 Travel Testing Available

COVID-19 PCR testing is now available at the Immunization and Travel Clinic at 660 Bannock Street, Outpatient Medical Center, 2nd floor, Public Health Institute at Denver Health.

Testing details are below:

  • Cash pay price of $125 (no insurance billing)

  • For travel/event documentation

  • For asymptomatic, non-exposed patients only (This service is not available to patients with symptoms or those with exposure to a COVID-19 patient.)

  • NEW: Now offered five days a week - Monday through Friday

  • Requires a MyChart account

  • Turnaround time of 24-48 hours max

  • Call 303-602-3520 to schedule an appointment

** Symptomatic staff should either go through RedCap or their PCP if this is not a realistic option.

Denver Health COVID-19 Resources:

Quarantine Instructions for Vaccine-exempt Employees

Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs for Staff

Denver Health Staff Masking Policy FAQ

Denver Health Pediatric Vaccination One-Pager

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