Pre-procedure Testing Policy

Denver Health is scaling back our pre-procedure tests due to current constraints in national testing supplies. We have tried to find a balance to accomplish our goal of better managing staff time and limited resources, along with the health and safety needs of our medical teams and patients.

The below policy, approved through Incident Command, goes into effect on Monday, November 22.

  1. Pre-procedure tests indicated if symptomatic (regardless of vaccination status)

    1. If positive and elective, delay procedures x 10 days

    2. If positive and urgent/emergent, use N95 and perform procedures and leave door closed x 1 hour

    3. If negative, proceed with medical mask and no room closure after procedure

  2. No pre-procedure test for asymptomatic unvaccinated

    1. Use N95 but no room closure after procedure

  3. No pre-procedure test for asymptomatic vaccinated

    1. Use medical mask

Because we have heard concerns from various specialty departments about adjustments to this pre-procedure testing policy, Incident Command is currently working on a pilot program for rapid antigen testing for aerosol generating procedures in asymptomatic patients, with a focus on unvaccinated individuals if warranted.

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