Thursday, Nov 11, 2021

NEW: Epidemiology Data and Notes

NEW: Hospital Incident Command (HICS) Informational Town Hall Recording Available

REMINDER: RISE Services Available for all Staff

REMINDER: State Announcement to Reactivate Crisis Standards of Care for Staffing

What You Need to Know

NEW: Epidemiology Data and Notes

As of 6:30 AM Denver Health has 35 COVID-19 Patients, 25 are on the Floor, 10 in the ICU, 4 on a ventilator.

NEW: Hospital Incident Command (HICS) Town Hall Recording Available

Thank you to those who were able to join and participate in the town hall this morning.

We apologize for the technical difficulties. The session was recorded and is available to view HERE. Additionally, a copy of the presentation slides may be accessed HERE.

If your question was not answered during the town hall, please send it to and we will work with the right subject matter expert to get it answered.

The Denver Health Hospital Capacity Management Plan can be accessed HERE.

REMINDER: RISE (Resilience in Stressful Events) Resources for Denver Health Staff

RISE (Resilience in Stressful Events) welcomes all Denver Health staff to attend support sessions (individual and group) for any work-related stress. The free and confidential sessions, are facilitated by RISE responders who are trained to provide emotional support and psychological first aid.

The New RISE Up Staff Support Center is in Pavilion B, on first floor just past Subway and behind the elevators, with operating hours 10:30 AM – 8:00 PM.

Yesterday, RISE supporters had more than 300 contacts, which is a daily record. We know this is a challenging time and encourage staff to use these resources and please make appointments.

Staff can make appointments to meet with a RISE Responder in the Center through this link: Calendly - RISE Up Staff Support Center.

You can also get help 24/7 by calling 303-436-RISE (7473).

RISE can also assist staff in connecting with the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) by Health Advocate. Denver Health’s Employee Assistance Program is completely confidential and can help guide you to financial, emotional and physical well-being resources. The program offers up to five free counseling sessions for staff members and their immediate family. Call 866-799-2691, visit, download the HealthAdvocate App or email

REMINDER: State Announcement to Reactivate Crisis Standards of Care for Staffing

Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, health care systems were confronted with challenges related to maintaining a sufficient pool of experienced health care workers to face the increased demand in chronic disease as well as an aging population. The current pandemic imposes additional short-term and long-term strains on the system. The short-term challenge pertains to filling the workforce gap to face the increased demand during a surge, while the long-term objective would be to build resilience and sustain clinical effectiveness in order to maintain quality patient outcomes.

At the direction of Governor Jared Polis, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) reactivated Crisis Standards of Care (CSC) for Health Care Staffing. The goal of this activation is to aide hospitals with additional resources, reduce certain regulatory and documentation requirements, provide hospitals with the opportunity to alter certain workflows so that they can treat as many patients as possible, and to provide health care workers with greater liability and licensure protections during this crisis. Crisis Standards of Care for Health Care Staffing does not include rationing of care or triaging patients. Crisis Standards of Care will provide greater support and protections to our strained health care workforce.

The public health objectives of a Crisis Standards of Care for Health Care Staffing are to:

  • Expand the availability of Health Care Workers (HCWs) and health care resources to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and to address non-COVID-19 cases

  • Confirm for HCWs and health care facilities the need for altered health care delivery for both COVID-19 patients and those with other conditions without requiring any new laws;

  • Assure that guardrails and supports are in place to optimize workplace safety, HCW resilience in the face of moral and physical stress, patient safety, and health outcomes of COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients.

Denver Health is working diligently to address these needs and will continue to update staff as new resources and opportunities become available.

Denver Health COVID-19 Resources:

Quarantine Instructions for Vaccine-exempt Employees

Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs for Staff

Denver Health Staff Masking Policy FAQ

Denver Health Pediatric Vaccination One-Pager

Denver Health Pediatric School Mass Vaccination Schedule/One-Pager

Denver Health Pediatric YouTube Video

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