Fifteen COVID-19 positive patients are hospitalized at Denver Health. Seven are on inpatient floors and eight are in the Intensive Care Unit. As of 9:30 a.m. today, Denver Health has administered 243,877doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. COVID-19 information for Denver County can be found by visiting COVID-19 data on the Public Health Institute at Denver Health website.

COVID-19 Staff Vaccinations and Declination Requests

Every employee at Denver Health is considered essential and thus, an inclusive COVID-19 vaccination strategy is important to ensure we provide a safe environment of care for our employees, patients and visitors. We appreciate your continued adaptability and commitment.

Managers and supervisors received an email yesterday outlining next steps for employees who have yet to fill out the COVID-19 Tracker. We know that some staff may be out on leave of absence or have missing records.

We’re asking managers to go into the “My Responsibilities” tab of the COVID-19 Tracker to see if they still have employees who have missing information or have yet to submit their vaccination status. Please remind your employees that they need to fill out their COVID-19 Tracker as soon as possible. The deadline has passed.

Managers with employees who have their request for a declination denied, should remind their employees that they must complete full vaccination by November 1.

Managers with employees whose request for a declination is still “pending” should expect to receive notification on the decision today.

In the coming weeks, we will continue to update leaders and staff on any changes to local, State or federal guidance that may impact our internal policies. Unvaccinated employees who do not plan to be vaccinated and without an approved declination may work through October.

Managers who have employees with questions regarding their denied religious declinations, may send an email to Michelle Fournier Johnson, Chief Human Resources Officer, Enid Wade, General Counsel or Dr. Tom MacKenzie, Chief Quality Officer, and they will follow up with you and your employee.

For more information regarding our policy you can view the Mandatory Vaccine FAQ.

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