Dear Colleagues,

In late July, Denver Health announced that the COVID-19 vaccine is mandatory for all of our employees, contractors, students, and volunteers. At the end of August, the State of Colorado made this requirement of all healthcare facilities. This information will be publicly reported beginning on Oct 1, 2021. While the state regulation for COVID-19 vaccination is similar to that of Denver Health, the regulation and our policy have a few key differences. In particular, the state requires that all employees have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine OR applied for medical or religious exemption prior to Sept 30, 2021. We also will now require that all religious or medical declinations be submitted by Sept 24, 2021. This requirement changes our initial deadlines and we recognize that communicating that to staff will be crucial in the coming weeks.

In order to comply with the state regulation, we request that all employees respond to the COVID19Tracker prior to Sept 24 by submitting their proof of vaccination and or medical/religious declination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my employee access the COVID19Tracker from home?

Employees can access the COVID19Tracker from any computer on campus. They can access it from home if they are logged onto VPN.

What if my employee is not going to be on campus and doesn’t have VPN access at home?

You can help your employee to fill out the form.

  • Go to https://covid19tracker.

  • Find the top question on the page, “Who is this verification for?”

  • Click the button to indicate “Another Denver Health Employee.”

  • Enter employee’s information and their desired method of providing proof of documentation.

What is the official deadline for first vaccination shot in order for employees to be compliant?

Based on the states updated rule ALL employees (that are not granted a religious or medical exemption) will be required to have their first shot by September 30th.

What is the official deadline for submitting a religious declination?

Based on the states updated rule ALL employees that wish to submit a religious or medical exemption will need to be submitted by September 24th.

My employee applied for a medical or religious declination. Do they need to get a vaccine?

The employee should get vaccinated with their first shot by Sept 30th if the declination is not accepted. If the declination is still under review, then the employee does not need to get a vaccine yet.

My employee has only received one dose of COVID-19 vaccine. Should they go to the COVID-19 tracker now or wait until both are completed?

Please have your employee go to the COVID-19 tracker NOW and either authorize Epic to look for vaccination or upload proof of one vaccine. Please have them access the COVID-19 tracker AGAIN after the second dose is administered.

Why is Denver Health changing the COVID-19 vaccination process?

Denver Health made a vaccination plan prior to Colorado’s state regulation. The state regulation differs slightly from our internal policy.

Is Denver Health still offering vaccine clinics for employees?

Employees can access free COVID-19 vaccination at multiple Denver Health locations, this vaccine calendar on the pulse subsite is updated frequently based on supply.

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