Procedures for Proof of Vaccination

Due to a new state requirement for all health care facilities, some of our initial deadlines below have changed. Dates that have changed are in bold. Read further details here.

Denver Health’s Mandatory Vaccine Policy requires all Denver Health employees, students, residents, volunteers and contractors to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Updated state regulations require those receiving a two-dose vaccination brand (Pfizer or Moderna) to get their first shot by September 30 (unless a medical exemption or religious declination is still under review). The vaccination requirement includes those who are currently working from home or on a hybrid work from home plan.

Below are instructions and deadlines to verify your COVID-19 vaccination status with Denver Health, sign up to receive a vaccination or submit a medical exemption or religious declination.

Proof of Vaccination: All vaccinated employees must submit proof of vaccination through our COVID-19 Tracker by September 24, 2021. This includes those who get their vaccination offsite and those who work from home.

Submission of Medical Exemption or Religious Declination: Exemptions will only be given for a medical contraindication or religious belief that precludes this vaccination. As a reminder, filing for an exemption/declination does not guarantee approval. Your exemption/declination will be reviewed by a panel to determine a decision. To file an exemption, please fill out and submit this form through the COVID-19 Tracker prior to September 24, 2021.

Sign up for a COVID-19 Vaccination: Employees who do not receive an approved exemption/declination will be asked to sign up for a COVID-19 vaccination. You can sign up online here or by calling 303-436-7000. If you choose to get vaccinated outside of the Denver Health system, you must still submit proof of vaccination through the COVID-19 Tracker.

Both the City and State require employers like Denver Health to have a fully vaccinated workforce. Full vaccination is either one dose of the J&J (Janssen) vaccine, or two shots of either mRNA vaccine, Moderna or Pfizer.

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