COVID-19 Numbers

Four COVID-19 positive patients are hospitalized at Denver Health. Four are on inpatient floors and none are in the Intensive Care Unit. As of 10 a.m. today, Denver Health has administered 215,674 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. COVID-19 information for Denver County can be found by visiting Denver Public Health COVID-19 data.

Vaccine Appointment Videos Available in Multiple Languages

Denver Health has partnered with the Colorado Vaccine Equity Taskforce to produce videos in multiple languages with instructions on how to schedule a vaccine appointment at Denver Health. Currently, there are 10 videos in French, Swahili, Vietnamese, Nepali, Burmese, Karen, Somali, Maay Maay, Arabic and Amharic. You may share these videos with patients and other community members.

Decommission of Denver Health Incident Management Team

Given the consistent decline in COVID positive patients within the region and admitted to Denver Health, along with the success of vaccination efforts throughout Denver, on Wednesday, June 30, we decommissioned the Incident Management Team (IMT) and closed this phase of our operational response.

In March 2020, Denver Health activated the IMT and opened a hospital Command Center to respond to the pandemic. Throughout the last 15-plus months, we have remained in a response posture, managing patient surges and providing high quality patient care; acquiring and allocating critical supplies and equipment; ensuring patient, staff, and community safety; and administering COVID-19 vaccines to individuals throughout the Denver metro region.

As the severity of the pandemic waned and vaccination efforts merged into normal operations, the IMT was scaled back to continue monitoring COVID cases in the region; navigating changes in public health guidance and orders, including mask mandates; and supporting clinics in administering vaccines.

While we settle into a state of “new normal,” watch for an email with more information on how you can continue to find updates on our on-going COVID-19 response.

COVID-19 Leadership Update

Want to see an overview on the latest COVID-19 statistics for the state, the city and within our hospital system? You can find it in this week’s COVID-19 Leadership Update PowerPoint presentation. The update includes information about our current vaccine inventory, doses administered and more.

The weekly COVID-19 Response Updates that appear in the 411 are also published here. For more information and resources, visit the Denver Health COVID-19 Help Center. If you have questions related to Denver Health’s COVID-19 response, send an email to

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