COVID-19 Inpatient and Vaccination Numbers

Two COVID-19 positive patients are hospitalized at Denver Health. None are on inpatient floors and two are in the Intensive Care Unit. As of 10:30 a.m. today, Denver Health has administered 212,114 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. COVID-19 information for Denver County can be found by visiting Denver Public Health COVID-19 data.

Want to see an overview on the latest COVID-19 statistics for the state, the city and within our hospital system? You can find it in this week’s COVID-19 Leadership Update PowerPoint presentation. The update includes information about our current vaccine inventory, doses administered and more.

The weekly COVID-19 Response Updates that appear in the 411 are also published here. For more information and resources, visit the Denver Health COVID-19 Help Center. If you have questions related to Denver Health’s COVID-19 response, send an email to

COVID-19 Symptom Rave Alerts to be Discontinued

Beginning Monday, June 28, Denver Health will discontinue the weekly Rave notifications regarding new signs and symptoms of illness related to COVID-19. If you are concerned that you have experienced a high-risk exposure and haven’t been contacted by Infection Prevention or your manager, please talk to your manager or call Infection Prevention at 2-BUGS (x22847); self-monitor for symptoms as usual; continue to work if you are asymptomatic; and take the staff health survey if you have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or are directed to do so by Infection Prevention or your manager.

Guidance on Inpatient Rapid COVID-19 Testing Surveillance

Many of our patients are no longer being tested for COVID-19 at admission because they have been vaccinated and do not have symptoms of COVID-19. However, providers may consider sending a COVID-19 test later for inpatients who develop respiratory symptoms or other symptoms consistent with COVID-19. Because of the overlap of symptoms between many respiratory infections, we recommend sending the Respiratory Multiplex PCR Plus COVID test. This is a rapid COVID-19 test (1-2 hour turn-around time) that will allow for prompt clinical decisions about the patient. The only acceptable specimen for the test is a nasopharyngeal (NP) swab.

Changes to COVID-19 Admission Testing Reminder

The COVID-19 vaccine is highly effective at preventing COVID-19 infection and the rate of COVID-19 in the community has fallen dramatically; therefore, testing patients who are fully vaccinated and without symptoms of COVID-19 is no longer warranted.

Our procedural areas have already discontinued pre-procedure COVID-19 testing for patients who are fully vaccinated. Patients who are not fully vaccinated or have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 will continue to be tested upon admission. Please review the updated algorithm for details.

COVID-19 status is located in their Epic storyboard. It can also be added as a column to your patient list.

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