Denver Health Staff Masking Policy FAQ

*See the Staff Masking Policy on PolicyStat*

**Mask policy changes will be based on public health guidance, COVID-19 hospitalizations, community spread and other variables.

When should I wear a mask?

Denver Health currently has a universal masking policy in place. That means that all staff are required to wear a mask when in a Denver Health building or clinic regardless of vaccination status. This policy is also the same for our visitors and patients.

Do we need to mask when attending in-person meetings?

Yes. Staff are required to wear a mask throughout meetings, or attend virtually.

Do I need to mask when at my desk?

Yes. Staff are required to wear a mask throughout the workday and at their desks. If an individual has their own office with a door they may remove their mask if the door is closed. If you wish to keep your door open, please stay masked.

What options are available to me if I’m not comfortable with in-person meetings?

Managers and meeting organizers must provide alternative options such as webex, a phone option or other virtual meeting platforms in order to accommodate staff who wish to continue to meet virtually if the position allows for it.

Should patients and visitors still wear masks in exam rooms?

Yes, patients and visitors are required to wear masks throughout the Denver Health system. Examples include exam rooms, clinical waiting rooms, lobbies of clinical buildings, café or restaurant areas, hallways of clinical buildings and nursing stations that are open to clinical areas. If a visitor and or patient is alone in a clinical room with the door closed, the visitor or patient may remove their mask.

Where can staff go for additional information on COVID-19 Vaccine efficacy and safety?

Please visit the Denver Health Help Center Vaccine Page, linked here to find more information on vaccine safety, efficacy and more frequently asked questions about protection against COVID-19.

Where can staff turn if they have questions about the new policy or would like to speak to someone?

We encourage staff to utilize RISE resources which are available to all staff and can be found here. Denver Health RISE is a program created for healthcare by Johns Hopkins Medicine and Maryland Patient Safety Center, that has been customized to meet the needs and culture of Denver Health. RISE Peer Responders are available 24/7 to provide immediate, confidential peer to peer support to all caregivers who experience distressing events at work.

The FAQ can also be downloaded here.

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