• Please work through your leader prior to signing up to serve in one of our clinics.

  • Your leader may approve you to work as part of your regularly scheduled workday.

  • In some very limited situations, hourly employees may be allowed to work overtime (OT).

  • We greatly appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm to participate but we request that you not show up at a Vaccine Clinic without being scheduled. This will support the efforts to have a seamless and streamlined process.

  • It is imperative for those that have signed up for a shift to follow through with their commitment, failing to show or call out could interfere with the success of administering vaccinations.

  • If you have any issues when signing up for shifts in SLING, please send an email to ICC_Labor@dhha.org. If you need to cancel a shift, please provide a minimum of 12 hours advanced notice. Others are not able to sign up until the scheduled time is reopened.

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