We greatly appreciate all of you who have continued to reach out to offer your knowledge, skills and time to support the Vaccination Clinics! Through the Vaccine Clinics Internal Staffing Survey we are gathering a pool of capable, willing, and available staff to help support the Vaccination Clinic. We have received an amazing number of over 2000 respondents; 445 have completed the initial training in Cornerstone and 1339 are in process. As we continued to increase Vaccination Clinic volumes and add additional clinic options, we will need your on-going efforts for additional support!


  • Step 1) Complete the Vaccine Clinics Internal Staffing Survey
  • Step 2) Complete Denver Health COVID 19 Vaccination Training for Support Services 2021. You will receive an invitation directly from Cornerstone. Completion time is approximately 30 minutes.
  • Step 3) Follow instructions to create an account in SLING scheduling platform. You will receive an email notification from ICC_Labor email with instructions
  • Step 4) Sign up for open shifts in SLING. (Reminder: check in with your leader prior to sign up). Confirmation of your selected shift will come from ICC_Labor. You will need to check your Denver Health email for confirmation of scheduled shifts.
  • Please note, it takes approximately 24-48 hours between each step due to manual actions taken behind the scenes.


  • Please work through your leader prior to signing up to serve in one of our clinics.
  • Your leader may approve you to work as part of your regularly scheduled workday.
  • In some very limited situations, hourly employees may be allowed to work overtime (OT).
  • We greatly appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm to participate but we request that you not show up at a Vaccine Clinic without being scheduled. This will support the efforts to have a seamless and streamlined process.
  • It is imperative for those that have signed up for a shift to follow through with their commitment, failing to show or call out could interfere with the success of administering vaccinations. If you have any issues when signing up for shifts in SLING, please send an email to ICC_Labor@dhha.org. If you need to cancel a shift, please provide a minimum of 12 hours advanced notice. Others are not able to sign up until the scheduled time is reopened.

As previously messaged, being good stewards of our resources, we will focus on those individuals that can support this effort without additional cost. Therefore, we will be staffing in the following ways:

  • Re-deployment of existing roles or portions of roles (hourly or salaried)
  • Students
  • Volunteers
  • External Clinical Volunteers
  • Hourly employees (additional shifts approved by leaders as needed)

Individuals in salaried/exempt roles such as leaders and providers will be compensated through their regular hours and will not receive extra pay. Serving in one of our Vaccine Clinics through re-purposing your time allows you to support vaccines being administered to our employees and patients as quickly as possible. This is a way for you to further support our Denver Health mission.

Thank you for your participation in ensuring we can decrease COVID by getting as many employees and specified patients vaccinated as quickly as possible! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Incident Command Center email: ICC_Labor@dhha.org.

Thank you!

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