2021 HFWA -Public Health Emergency (COVID-19)

Update 2.17.2021

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2021 Guide to Colorado's Health Families and Workplaces Act (HFWA) Leave

  • Employees can continue to use HFWA leave for qualified COVID reasons for the duration of the current Public Health Emergency and for the 4 weeks following its cancellation.

  • HFWA leave banks have been replenished for 2021, which means;

  • Employees have access to two weeks (maximum of 80 hours) of paid leave. Two weeks leave is based on the employee’s current FTE status.

  • Employees who experience side effects of the vaccine may use HFWA time. Contractors must work through their staffing agency for Healthy Families and Workplaces leave.

  • The day of leave following the employee receiving the COVID-19 vaccine only applies to Denver Health employees.

  • Employees will continue to code time as D_ILL and submit the 2021 HFWA Public Health Emergency Leave Application to LOAFMLProcess@dhha.org.

  • Leave is paid at the regular hourly pay rate.

  • Employees will now have protected Paid Time Off (PTO). under HFWA Paid Sick and Safe Time. This means employees using hours for a qualified reason cannot be subject to our disciplinary process or call-out procedures for up to 48 hours each calendar year.

Intermittent Employees

Colorado's Healthy Families and Workplaces Act-Public Health Emergency

HFWA provides employees with up to two weeks of paid time off for a COVID-related reason for the duration of the current Public Health Emergency and for 4 weeks following cancellation of the order. Governor Polis declares a Public Health Emergency and determines when it can be canceled.

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