With the rise in unemployment insurance claims associated with COVID-19, there have been increasing incidents of fraud. As many as 400,000 Coloradans have been affected, including some Denver Health employees. This is a nationwide issue, and Denver Health has no evidence of employee information being compromised through our information systems. The information being used most likely came from a large data breach or compromise in the last 10 years (eBay, Marriott, Yahoo, etc.).

The Colorado Department of Labor & Employment (CDLE) is monitoring the situation and working closely with Denver Health to notify victims that their identities have been compromised. If you have not made a claim and are made aware that someone fraudulently filed an unemployment insurance claim using your name, were contacted by Denver Health Human Resources regarding a claim filed in your name, or received a Reliacard debit card or other paperwork from CDLE, report it to the CDLE immediately through this CDLE link and follow the five steps that are outlined in the image below. Use this same form if you have received any paperwork to your mailing address that was sent to someone else other than those in your household. Additional information is also available on the Human Resources subsite, or you can contact Human Resources at MyHR@dhha.org with questions.

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