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NEW: Denver Health Staff Vaccination Numbers

NEW: Denver Health to Vaccinate All Remaining Staff Who Are Interested

NEW: Denver Moves to “Level Orange: High Risk”

NEW/UPDATE: Fraudulent Unemployment Benefits Claims Are on the Rise
UPDATE/REMINDER: Adherence to PPE and COVID Prevention Measures after Vaccination

REMINDER: Updates Regarding 2nd Vaccine Dose Timing, Appointment Availability and Rescheduling

What You Need to Know

As of 6:30 a.m. today, Denver Health had 45 inpatient COVID-19 cases (+5 from yesterday).

For more information, please visit the Denver Public Health COVID-19 Data Summary (please use Edge or Chrome). The website is updated daily and contains data on cases, hospitalization, deaths, testing and symptom monitoring.

NEW: Denver Health Staff Vaccination Numbers

These vaccination numbers were updated at 4 pm Jan. 4.

  • 3,545 employees and residents have received their first dose of vaccine.
  • 2,992 employees and residents have scheduled their second dose of vaccine.
  • 837 employees and residents are on the upcoming schedules for first doses.
  • 1,144 employees and residents have active MyChart accounts and have scheduling tickets, but have not scheduled a first dose yet.
  • 412 employees and residents have not activated their MyChart accounts yet.

NEW: Denver Health to Vaccinate All Remaining Staff Who Are Interested

Denver Health is moving ahead to schedule COVID-19 vaccinations for all remaining employees who indicated they wished to receive the vaccine. As a public health institution, all of our employees are considered essential to supporting the organization under new guidance issued by the State of Colorado.

Starting today, invitations will be sent out to all Denver Health employees who have indicated on the COVID-19 Vaccination Pre-Registration Form that they are “interested” or “might be interested” in receiving the vaccine.

For all those Denver Health staff who have not completed the registration process, please do the following:

1. Fill Out the COVID-19 Vaccination Pre-registration Form: All employees should have received the pre-registration invitation. All staff should complete this form to indicate if they are interested in, might be interested, or not interested in receiving the vaccine. Only those employees answering yes they are interested or may be interested will receive a MyChart communication about scheduling. If you change your mind at any time, email to request another form.

2. Ensure You Have a MyChart Account (Setup Help is Available): Communication about vaccine scheduling will be sent to the email associated with your MyChart account when your vaccine time comes up. If you do not have a MyChart account, you will receive an invite to set one up. If you are having trouble setting up your MyChart account, or scheduling:

· Call MyChart Support at 303-602-4380
Times: Monday thru Friday 8 a.m.-10 p.m.
Please note: The Help Desk cannot assist with this request.

3. If you filled out the COVID-19 Vaccination Pre-Registration Form but have not received further communication, please do the following: Log In to MyChart to see if you have an invitation for vaccine registration.

· For login or support help: Call MyChart support (303-602-4380)

· If no invitation to register exists in MyChart, email

4. Receive Your Invitation: Once your MyChart account is active, you will receive an invitation to schedule your first of two appointments through MyChart. Important note: You need to LOG IN to MyChart to view the invitation to schedule the vaccination. The push from MyChart to text of email might not happen if you have blocked notifications/emails from MyChart or if you have a different email associated with MyChart than you usually use. Contact MyChart support for any MyChart access issues.

5. Schedule Your Vaccine: Schedule your appointment before you are scheduled to be off for a day or two in case you have mild post-vaccine symptoms. If not possible, schedule the next best option and notify your manager so they may work with you to facilitate coverage while you leave the unit to get vaccinated or if you feel ill after receiving it.

6. Get Your First Dose; Schedule Your Second: After your vaccine appointment is complete, you will wait 15 minutes to be monitored for a reaction. During that time, you will receive an invitation through MyChart to schedule your 2nd vaccination.

Note: We have attached an updated document about the Registration Process to this Huddle Sheet. If needed, print and post the communication to staff common areas, and have copies on hand for those who need them.

Denver Health is simultaneously working to vaccinate all Denver Health patients age 70 and over who currently receive care or have received care at a Denver Health facility in the past 3 years. Invitations are now being sent by MyChart to schedule these vaccinations. We are also working to send out email notifications for patients that fall into this category who do not have a MyChart account.

Last week, the State of Colorado issued new guidance expanding the first tier of eligibility for COVID vaccinations to include people age 70 and over as well as a broader group of essential health care workers.

Vaccinations of the expanded group of people now included in the first tier of eligibility are subject to receiving additional shipments of the vaccine and anticipated allocations from the State.

While Denver Health works to vaccinate this expanded group of people, we are also now giving second doses to the frontline workers and support staff who received their first doses a few weeks ago. We will also continue to vaccinate community partners, including Denver Police and Denver Fire personnel.

NEW: Denver Moves to “Level Orange: High Risk”

Governor Polis announced on Wednesday, Dec. 30, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment moved Denver to Level Orange on the State’s COVID-19 dial. The move comes with increased capacity limits at many local businesses, including a return to indoor dining at restaurants. This is triggered when there are:

· 15% positivity rate or less.

· 175 – 350 cases per 100,000.

· Greater than two new COVID-19 hospital admissions per day.

If transmission levels reverse and begin to escalate again, the state may re-impose greater restrictions. If cases, hospitalizations and the positivity rate remain on a significant decline, the state could move Denver back to a less restrictive level.

For more information on each level in the Dial framework, please visit

NEW/UPDATE: Fraudulent Unemployment Benefits Claims Are on the Rise

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, claims for unemployment benefits have increased across the country. With the increase of legitimate claims, the number of fraudulent unemployment claims has also risen. In a fraudulent benefit claim, an identity thief uses a person’s identity to claim they’re out of work and need government assistance. Denver Health has seen an uptick of false unemployment claims for our employees as well. We know we have received a fraudulent unemployment claim when the employee on the claim is still actively working at Denver Health. The information being used most likely came from a large data breach or compromise in the last 10 years (eBay, Marriott, Yahoo, etc.) since Denver Health has no evidence of employee information being compromised through our information systems. When we receive a fraudulent claim, we take immediate action. We report the claim to the state and follow the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment procedure to dispute the claim. We also notify the employee and their leader and provide detailed communication with recommended next steps to help them protect their identity.

If you believe your information has been used to file a fraudulent unemployment claim, or otherwise believe you are a victim of identity theft related to unemployment benefits, please submit a fraud report through the Colorado Department of Labor’s Fraud Prevention. Additional information is also available on the Human Resources subsite or you can contact Human Resources at with questions.

UPDATE/REMINDER: Adherence to PPE and COVID Prevention Measures after Vaccination

While the COVID-19 vaccine is a vital step toward ending the pandemic, it is important to remember that the vaccine is not 100% effective at preventing symptomatic infection and it is not known whether the vaccine prevents asymptomatic spread of the virus. It is therefore essential for the protection of our staff, patients and families to continue to adhere to current PPE policies and to continue to take precautions including wearing a mask, physical distancing and avoiding crowds. These measures are not only required by hospital policy and public health order, but remain a critical component of controlling the spread of COVID-19.

What You Need to Share

REMINDER: Updates Regarding 2nd Vaccine Dose Timing, Appointment Availability and how to Reschedule if Needed

The mRNA COVID vaccines require two doses. It is currently recommended to receive the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine about 21 days after the first, or within a window of 17 – 25 days (previous recommendation was 17 – 21 days). However, if your schedule or appointment availability do not fit that timeframe, please schedule the second dose after 25 days (or as near to that as possible). There is no evidence that receipt of the vaccine after 25 days will reduce its effectiveness.

Similarly, for the Moderna vaccine, it is currently recommended to receive the second dose of vaccine about 28 days after the first, or within a window of 24 – 32 days. If needed, you could get the second dose after day 32. While the timeframe is important, it is most critical to receive the second dose to get the best protection possible.

Also, more appointment slots have been added for the weeks of January 4th and January 11th to accommodate the need for second doses. If you have not already done so, please schedule your second dose via your MyChart account ( If you were previously unable to schedule your second dose within the recommended 17 – 25 day window, instructions on how to reschedule your appointment can be found here. We have also attached the instructions to this Huddle Sheet for you to print out, post or share with your staff.

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Please email with any questions.

Denver Health COVID-19 Resources:

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