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· NEW: Epidemiology data and notes

· NEW: Updated COVID-19 FAQ and Key Q&A

· NEW: Updated information on the Hospital Capacity Surge Plan

· REMINDER: COVID-19 Vaccine Authorization and Distribution Plan for Denver Health Staff

· REMINDER: COVID-19 Vaccine Information on your Cell Phone

· REMINDER: Grand Rounds: “COVID-19 Vaccinations: “Reasons Not To Be Scared”

· REMINDER: Cyber Threats Information

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What You Need to Know

As of 6:30 a.m. today, Denver Health had 41 inpatient COVID-19 cases (-7 from yesterday).

For more information, please visit the Denver Public Health COVID-19 Data Summary (Please use Edge or Chrome). The website is updated daily and contains data on cases, hospitalization, deaths, testing and symptom monitoring.

NEW: COVID-19 Vaccine – Updated FAQ

The FAQ has been updated with new detail. Click the link to see the latest information:
Updated COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ. As vaccinations are scheduled to start later this week, there are four questions and answers we wanted to share in the huddle sheet to ensure broad communication.

Are you immunocompromised?

If yes: The COVID-19 vaccine was not studied in immunocompromised individuals. While it is not expected to be harmful to individuals who are immunocompromised, the vaccine may not be as effective in this population. We recommend that immunocompromised individuals discuss the risks and benefits with their health care provider.

Do you have a history of severe allergic reactions?

If yes: A small number of individuals with severe allergies have had an allergic reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine. We recommend that individuals who have experienced severe allergic reactions discuss the risks and benefits with their health care provider.

Are you pregnant?

If yes: Pregnant women were not included in COIVD-19 clinical trials. However, neither the FDA nor the CDC have stated that pregnant women should be prohibited from vaccination. There is no reason to believe that an mRNA vaccine would pose a risk to a pregnant woman or the fetus, but any certainty about safety in pregnancy will have to wait for future studies. If you are pregnant, Denver Health will support your decision to receive or decline the vaccine. You are encouraged to speak to your health care provider to help with your decision-making. Pregnant women should avoid use of medications such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) or Naproxen for treatment of any symptoms after vaccination.

Are you breastfeeding?

If yes: Breastfeeding mothers were not included in COVID-19 clinical trials, and therefore we do not have data about the safety of the vaccine in this situation. We also have no data about its impact on lactation. However, there is no specific reason to suspect that the vaccine or any of its active components would enter breast milk or be harmful to a child receiving breast milk. If you have questions or concerns, you are encouraged to speak to your health care provider.

REMINDER: COVID-19 Vaccine Information on your Cell Phone

You can access the fact sheet and additional information on the Help Center by pointing your cell phone camera at this image. Information is updated regularly, so please check frequently for new information.

REMINDER: COVID-19 Hospital Capacity Surge Plan

Denver Health continues to update review and update Surge Plan. This is the roadmap for how we increase the number of hospital beds and staff to meet the demand for clinical care created by the pandemic. In this short video, Dr. Tom MacKenzie, Chief Quality Officer, explains what the Surge Plan means for Denver Health and why we need it. Denver Health is currently at Level 5.1 in its Surge Plan. You can view the Surge Plan below.

Watch the video View the Surge Plan

REMINDER: Vaccine Authorization and Distribution Plan for Denver Health Staff

The Food and Drug Administration has granted emergency use authorization of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Denver Health will begin to receive shipments of the vaccine this week (we now expect an initial shipment of 2,925 doses, with more supply thereafter). Per State guidance (CDPHE Vaccine for Coloradans), distribution of COVID-19 vaccine will occur in three phases. Phase 1 vaccine distribution is prioritized for health care workers, staff and residents of long term care facilities, and first responders.

Denver Health employees and contractors who are patient-facing (inpatient or outpatient who have face-to-face patient contact, work in a patient care area, or handle patient specimens) will be the first priority group to receive the vaccine. Please note:

· Phase I includes staff from a wide range of departments such as: environmental services, the Paramedic Division, Ambulatory Care Services, food and nutrition, transport, phlebotomy, radiology, nurses, medical assistants, laboratory, advanced practice providers, and physicians (list not all inclusive).

· In order to receive the vaccine in Phase I, staff MUST complete the COVID-19 Vaccination Pre-Registration Form. If you have not yet received the notice to register and want to receive the vaccine, email

· If you do not have MyChart, have pre-registered, and are included in the Phase I, a MyChart activation email will be sent to you this week. Please wait for that email before reaching out to IT Help Desk.

· You will sign up for your vaccine appointment via MyChart

All vaccine administrations will occur by appointment only during scheduled COVID vaccination clinics. Because our first Pfizer vaccine allotment may not be sufficient to vaccinate all eligible and interested employees and contractors, invitations to schedule a vaccine appointment will be sent to patient-facing employees in random blocks starting early next week via MyChart. Some staff may receive an invitation to schedule on Monday; some on Tuesday; some on Wednesday, and so on. The invitations will only be sent to patient-facing staff who completed the pre-registration survey and indicated “YES” or “UNSURE” to receiving the vaccine. Once an employee receives an invitation, the employee is able to self-schedule a vaccine appointment via MyChart, or may opt to schedule in the future.

REMINDER: Grand Rounds: “COVID-19 Vaccinations: Reasons Not to be Scared”

Dr. Anuj Mehta held a Grand Rounds session on “COVID-19 Vaccinations, Reasons Not to be Scared.” Click here the link to view: Dr. Anuj Mehta: COVID-19 Vaccinations: Reasons Not to be Scared

REMINDER: Cyber Threats – Exercise Caution and Keep Denver Health Safe

Cyber threat actors are actively attempting to infiltrate health care organizations with ransomware. Some of these threats are targeting the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain. PLEASE be very careful with emails – pause, review the email including any links – hover over the link with your mouse pointer to ensure the actual Internet location matches the email. Hesitate before opening attachments within emails with the [EXTERNAL] tag in the email Subject Line. Clicking on a malicious link can cause Denver Health to fall victim to Ransomware or other security breaches. This could disable critical systems needed for patient care, including Epic, PACS, Biomed devices, etc. We need your help in preventing these threats from being successful.

What You Need to Share

COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Denver Health staff can be found here

Helpful Links:

· Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment – Vaccine for Coloradans

· Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Coronavirus Information

· Denver Department of Public Health and Environment Coronavirus Information

· Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Coronavirus Information

· Denver Public Health Website

· Denver Health Visitor Policy

· Please email with any questions.

Denver Health COVID-19 Resources:

· COVID-19 Staff Resources section on our website

· Staff Screening and Testing FAQ

· Coronavirus Share Point site

· Denver Health COVID-19 Help Center which allows you to search for documents and resources

· RISE Subsite – please note the new hours: 10:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., 7 days a week

· RISE Virtual Group Support Registration

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