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· REMINDER: Town Hall on COVID-19 vaccine and distribution plan for staff

· REMINDER: COVID-19 Vaccination Information for Staff (Spanish)

· REMINDER: COVID-19 Vaccination Information for Staff

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What You Need to Know

As of 6:30 a.m. today, Denver Health had 62 inpatient COVID-19 cases. (same as yesterday).

For more information, please visit the Denver Public Health COVID-19 Data Summary (Please use Edge or Chrome). The website is updated daily and contains data on cases, hospitalization, deaths, testing and symptom monitoring.

REMINDER: Town Hall on COVID-19 vaccine and distribution plan for staff

We know there are a lot of questions about the COVID-19 vaccine. In order to directly answer as many of these questions as possible we are going to make next Tuesday (Dec. 8) morning's Leadership Meeting on "Capacity Readiness and Updates" a Town Hall on the COVID-19 vaccine and distribution plan. This will be held on the current WebEx meeting link. We will record the session and send a link to all employees so they can hear all the Q & A's. In addition, we will include these questions and answers on the FAQ that is currently in the COVID-19 Help Center.

REMINDER: COVID-19 Vaccination Information for Staff (Spanish version)

At the end of this email is a Spanish version of the COVID-19 Vaccination Information. We ask managers and supervisors of Spanish speaking staff to please share this important information. You can print it out and post in an easily accessible location or hand it out to your staff.

REMINDER: COVID-19 Vaccination Information for Staff


Denver Health anticipates soon receiving the first shipment of COVID-19 vaccine once the FDA approves it.

Please review the following information concerning timeline and distribution plan for the COVID-19 vaccine at Denver Health. Please familiarize yourself with this information prior to the COVID-19 Vaccination Pre-Registration Form for Denver Health employees to be sent on Monday, Dec. 7.




Denver Health expects to receive 2,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses in its first shipment.


The first shipment is expected to arrive at Denver Health by end of December.


In line with CDPHE and CDC guidelines, the first vaccines will be allocated to patient-facing frontline workers in the inpatient and outpatient settings.


Complete the COVID-19 Vaccination Pre-Registration Form. It will be sent to all staff via email and RAVE alert throughout the day on Monday, Dec. 7.

The form will ask if you wish to receive or decline the vaccine.


You will be notified if you are among the first group to receive the vaccination. You will have an opportunity to schedule your vaccine through the MyChart application. Invitations to schedule your vaccine will continually be sent as more vaccine shipments are received.

MORE INFORMATION: The Employee Vaccine FAQ can be found here.


The first COVID-19 vaccine by Pfizer is poised for FDA Emergency Use Authorization and, at this time, Denver Health anticipates receiving the first round of COVID-19 vaccine before the end of December.

With limited numbers of the vaccine sent to hospital systems nationwide, Denver Health expects to receive 2,000 vaccines to be distributed initially for Phase I of a multi-phased distribution plan. In deciding which staff will receive the first round of available vaccines, our hospital will adhere to guidelines developed by the State in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Accordingly, the first round of vaccinations will be allotted to patient-facing frontline workers and support staff in the inpatient and outpatient settings. Additional vaccine shipments are expected shortly thereafter.

On Monday, Dec. 7, all staff will receive a COVID-19 Vaccination Pre-Registration Form for Denver Health employees. This is used for staff vaccine pre-registration (connected through EPIC for employee verification) and to gauge the number of staff interested in receiving the vaccine. As the vaccine is not mandatory for staff at this time, the survey will include a question asking whether you wish to receive the vaccine. Those who respond “No” will not be registered. Those who respond “Yes” or “Maybe” will have their information collected and be sent subsequent details via MyChart on when and how they will receive the vaccine.

The COVID-19 Vaccination Pre-Registration Form will be sent through Denver Health email and by RAVE text alerts. We ask department and team leads to confirm with their direct reports that they have received the registration form. If no communication has been received by Dec. 8, they should email

As a mission-driven hospital that advocates for vaccinations and for the health and safety of our staff, we strongly encourage all staff to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. More communication will be sent in the coming days and weeks answering questions on both vaccine safety and phased distribution.

What You Need to Share

REMINDER: Employee Covid-19 Testing Information Update

We continue to make changes to optimize the process for timely COVID-19 testing of employees to both ensure the highest level of safety for employees and patients while maintaining our workforce. Here are a few reminders for our employees:

o All employee testing processes flow through the employee survey.

o You are responsible for notifying your supervisor that you are getting tested.

o Do not come to work if you have developed symptoms, if possible notify your supervisor at least 2 hours before the start of your shift.

o If you left your shift to get tested, per hospital policy you need to leave work and you may not work while you are waiting for your test results. You need to self-isolate at home.

o Your Covid-19 test may be analyzed as a rapid test (2-3 hour turnaround) or as a standard test (12 hour turnaround) depending on your next scheduled clinical shift and lab resources. Your results will be automatically released to you and available for your review in MyChart. Do not contact the lab asking for your results. They are not permitted to release results directly to a patient, and this is disruptive to lab personnel and will slow down their processes.

o If you do not have an active MyChart account please follow the following steps:

o Ask the staff member who is swabbing you to print out discharge instructions.

o You will need to go to and click on the Sign-Up Now link in the New User box.

o There is an activation code in the instructions which you will need to enter to activate your account.

o If you are having difficulties creating your account, call 303-602-4380.

o If you are experiencing a sore throat or flu like symptoms and want other testing, you will need to see your PCP or check in officially as a patient for evaluation by a provider. We will not be testing for influenza or strep throat; we are only authorized to test employees for Covid-19.

o If you test positive you will be out of work for a minimum of 10 days starting from the onset of symptoms. To return to work you must be cleared by COSH through a telephone visit (call to schedule: 303.436.7155). The criteria for clearance are: 10 days since symptom onset, fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medication and you must be able to control your symptoms.

o Please also see the Staff Screening and Testing FAQ.

Helpful Links:

· Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Coronavirus Information

· Denver Department of Public Health and Environment Coronavirus Information

· Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Coronavirus Information

· Denver Public Health Website

· Denver Health Visitor Policy

· Please email with any questions.

Denver Health COVID-19 Resources:

· COVID-19 Staff Resources section on our website

· Coronavirus Share Point site

· Denver Health COVID-19 Help Center which allows you to search for documents and resources

· RISE Virtual Group Support Registration

Comunicación Importante Para el Personal: Información de Vacunas COVID-19 Solamente para el Personal

A todo el Personal: Favor de revisar la siguiente información que refleja la cronología de eventos y plan de distribución de la vacuna COVID-19 en Denver Health. Previo al envió del Formulario de Pre-Inscripción de Vacunación del COVID-19 para los empleados de Denver Health el día 7 de diciembre, familiarícese con esta información.



QUÉ: Denver Health espera recibir 2,000 dosis de COVID-19 en el primer envío.

CUÁNDO: El primer envío se espera llegue a Denver Health a finales de diciembre.

QUIÉN: De acuerdo con las reglas generales del CDPHE y la CDC, las primeras vacunas se asignarán a los trabajadores de primera línea que atienden a los pacientes en niveles intrahospitalarios y ambulatorios.

ACCIÓN REQUERIDA: Complete el Formulario de Pre-Inscripción de Vacunas COVID-19. El cual será enviado a todo el personal vía correo electrónico y alerta RAVE en el transcurso del día lunes 7 de diciembre.

El formulario preguntará si desea recibir o rechazar la vacuna.

SEGUIMIENTO: Usted será notificado si está dentro del primer grupo para recibir la vacuna. Usted tendrá la oportunidad de programar su vacunación a través de la aplicación MyChart. Las invitaciones para programar su vacuna se enviarán continuamente a medida que se reciban más envíos de vacunas.

MÁS INFORMATION: Las preguntas más frecuentes sobre vacunas para empleados se encuentran aquí.


La primera vacuna COVID-19 de Pfizer está lista para la Autorización de Uso de Emergencia de la FDA, en este momento, Denver Health anticipa recibir la primera ronda de vacunas de COVID-19 antes de finales de diciembre.

Con números limitados de vacunas enviadas a los sistemas hospitalarios en la nación, Denver Health espera recibir 2,000 vacunas que serán distribuidas inicialmente para la fase uno del plan de múltiples fases de distribución. Para decidir cual personal recibirá la vacuna en la primera ronda de vacunas disponibles, nuestro hospital se apegará a las reglas generales desarrolladas por el Estado en colaboración con los Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades. En consecuencia, la primera ronda de vacunas se asignará a los trabajadores de primera línea y personal de apoyo que atienden a los pacientes en los niveles intrahospitalarios y ambulatorios. Se esperan envíos de vacunas adicionales un poco después.

El lunes 7 de diciembre, todo el personal recibirá el Formulario de Pre-Inscripción de Vacunación del COVID-19 para empleados de Denver Health. Este es emitido para el pre-registro de vacunas del personal (conectado a través de la verificación EPIC para empleados) y para estimar la cantidad de personal interesado en recibir la vacuna. Ya que la vacuna no es obligatoria para el personal en este momento, la encuesta incluirá una pregunta para saber si es que usted desea recibir la vacuna. Aquellos que respondan “No” no serán registrados. Los que respondan “Si” o “Quizás” se les colectará la información y los detalles serán subsecuentemente enviados vía MyChart para determinar cuándo y cómo recibirán la vacuna.

El Formulario de Pre-Inscripción de Vacunación del COVID-19 será enviado a través del correo electrónico de Denver Health y alertas de textos RAVE. Pedimos a los jefes de departamento y líderes de equipos que confirmen con sus subalternos directos que han recibido el formulario de registro. Si no se ha recibido ninguna comunicación para el 8 de diciembre, deben enviar un correo electrónico a

Como hospital impulsado por una misión que aboga por las vacunas y por la salud y la seguridad de nuestro personal, recomendamos enfáticamente a todo el personal que reciba la vacuna COVID-19. Se enviarán más comunicaciones en los próximos días y semanas respondiendo preguntas de ambos, seguridad de la vacuna y las fases de distribución.

Nuestras Preguntas Frecuentes se encuentran aquí.

Para preguntas que no hayan sido contestadas en las Preguntas Frecuentes, favor envié sus preguntas al correo electrónico

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