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As of 10:30 a.m. today, Denver Health had 56 inpatient COVID-19 cases (-2 from yesterday).

For more information, please visit the Denver Public Health COVID-19 Data Summary (Please use Edge or Chrome). The website is updated daily and contains data on cases, hospitalization, deaths, testing and symptom monitoring.

REMINDER: Level Red: Severe Risk – New Restrictions Are In Effect

Denver is among 20 counties that has moved to a more restrictive level, Level Red: Severe Risk, on the State’s updated COVID-19 dial as a result of a persistent and alarming surge in coronavirus cases. New public health rules are in effect. The State will re-evaluate Denver’s metrics and status on the dial by Dec. 18. For the City of Denver’s detailed list of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s), please click here.

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REMINDER: Discontinuation of UV Light Process for COVID+ Patient Rooms and Staff Break/Common Areas

Incident Command, Infection Prevention, and Environmental Services have decided to discontinue the process of performing UV light treatment for COVID+ patient rooms (after a patient is discharged) and staff break/common areas (in response to staff illness). CDC guidance on environmental infection control in healthcare facilities states that routine cleaning and disinfection procedures are appropriate for COVID-19, including patient-care areas where aerosol-generating procedures have been performed. The disinfectant utilized by Environmental Services is hospital-grade and effective against COVID-19. Use of the UV light in Contact Plus rooms for patients who have had C. difficile will continue per CDC recommendations.

REMINDER: Reusable Half/Full Respirator Masks with External Filters Are Not Approved for Use at Denver Health

Recently staff have been asking about whether it is allowable to wear reusable half or full-face respirator masks with external filters such as those pictured. Infection Prevention would like to remind staff that these are not approved for use at Denver Health.

  • Most masks of this type have an unfiltered exhalation valve which presents a risk to the patient and to other staff who come in contact with the wearer.
  • Fit testing is required for safe use, and COSH does not provide fit testing for these masks.
  • Denver Health does not maintain a supply of these masks; thus if filters require replacement we are not able to provide them. There is also no indicator for when filters should be changed; thus staff safety cannot be assured.
  • The filters for these masks are open to the environment and thus are likely to become contaminated on their surface. They cannot be cleaned or disinfected (they should not be wiped with a disinfectant wipe) and thus their safety is questionable.
  • There have been repeated reports that they are visually frightening to patients.
  • We have many types of N95 masks that are approved to wear at the hospital during patient care. Staff should try to be fit tested to one of these masks instead.
  • We have a supply of PAPRs available in Central Supply, and soon will be able to offer a newly-purchased supply of the CleanSpace Halo respirator. Either of these can be offered to staff who are unable to fit test to a disposable-type N95 mask.

UPDATE: Holiday Notification- Return to Work Guidance

In observance of the upcoming holiday, COSH will be closed on Thanksgiving, November 26th, 2020.

Managers/ Supervisors: If you have an employee currently out on COVID leave and are anticipating their return to work date will land on Thanksgiving, we ask you to have them call COSH to schedule their return to work clearance appointment for Tuesday or Wednesday.

UPDATE: COVID Return to Work Guidance

Important please read thoroughly

Important please read thoroughly

  1. Employees with COVID-19 must receive clearance from COSH to return to work. This requires a 10-20 minute telephone visit with a COSH provider.
  2. We strongly encourage employees to call COSH (303-436-7155) to schedule this telephone visit 8 days after onset of symptoms (or 8 days after the positive test if no symptoms developed). If the 10th day from onset of symptoms (or from the positive test if no symptoms developed) falls on the weekend, schedule the telephone visit for the Thursday or Friday before the 10th day.
  3. Employees must meet the following criteria in order to be cleared by a COSH provider to return to work:

a. Fever free (< 100.4F) for greater than 24 hours without use of fever reducing medication, AND

b. At least 10 days have passed since the onset of symptoms and/or

symptoms are improving, whichever is longer. If you have not developed symptoms, clearance will be 10 days from the test date.

4. Once an employee is cleared to return to work, COSH will e-mail the employee their clearance form.

5. It is the employee’s responsibility to update their manager regarding clearance.

Note: If you are currently working from home: you may work if you are feeling well enough to do so; if not, please take the time you need to recover. You are still expected to schedule a return-to-work telephone appointment with COSH according to the 10-day timeline outlined above, such that you are able to enter the Denver Health campus if needed.

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Please email COVID-19@dhha.org with any questions.

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