How to Manage Pushback Against Masking
Updated 11.16.2020
Written by Denver Health
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How to Manage Patient/Visitor Pushback Against Masking, Visitor Policies

Denver Health is issuing general guidelines and talking points (below) for staff who may encounter patient and/or visitor frustrations with our Visitor Policy or safety measures on masking and social distancing. Please familiarize yourself with these communication methods and reminders to better help navigate these conversations.

  • Set the tone: Communicate what to expect for patients and visitors proactively and with compassion (if patient raises his/her/their voice, continue to keep calm and use a respectful tone). Use clear and caring language that conveys both what individuals need to know before arriving at the care setting and the โ€œwhyโ€ behind the restrictions (see โ€œVisitor Guidelines FAQโ€).

  • A reminder: Hospitals nationwide (including Denver Health) are taking measures to ensure the safety and well-being of patients, staff and the entire community. Apologize for the inconvenience; the policy is in place to protect our vulnerable patients as well as staff taking care of sick and infected patients.

  • For the Visitor Policy: These are temporary measures for allowing visitors in a way that supports the need for physical distancing and minimizes the risk of transmission.

  • For the Masking and Social-Distancing Policy: Mask wearing and social distancing is considered a necessary step in COVID-19 infection control and is required in all healthcare settings.

  • If the patient or visitor becomes aggressive or you feel threatened, contact Security at x67444.

  • If patient/family/friends demand to speak with someone above you, contact your supervisor or manager.

  • Staff Reference and Reminder: Visitor Guidelines can often change during the pandemic, but the most updated version is always found at

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