There is emerging evidence that pregnant women are at a small increased risk of severe COVID-19 infection. If you are pregnant, please take precautions to avoid the risk of becoming infected both in the workplace and at home.

At Work

  • Always use the recommended personal protective equipment.

  • If your job involves working with patients who are suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19, you may request accommodations from your manager.

  • We highly encourage leaders to be flexible in assisting pregnant employees to find safer job responsibilities if at all possible.

  • If you are unable to find an alternative work assignment you may apply for an unpaid personal leave of absence by contacting the Leave of Absence office at

  • Your manager may also contact the labor pool at to register you for alternative work assignments that may be available in our organization.

  • Please note that alternative work assignments are not guaranteed.

At Home

  • Be sure that you and your family members follow the current public health recommendations.

  • Interact with only those in your household;

  • Maintain social distance of six feet at all times;

  • Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly.

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