Purpose: Describes the appropriate PPE and steps necessary for patient transfer from ED to Preop or PACU.

Scope: Perioperative Services

Date: 5/12/2020


o All patients transported from the ED/Inpatient areas to the Preop or PACU


o Any patient being transported directly to the OR. For those cases refer to Operating Room COVID-19 Guideline for Emergent ED to OR Transport


· ED: Emergency Department

· OR: Operating Room

· COVID-19: Coronavirus-19, SARS-CoV-2, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2

· AIC: Anesthesiologist-in-charge

· Pre-op/PACU: Pre-operative area or Post-Anesthesia Care Unit


ED Patient Screening/Testing

o Surgical/Procedural patients will be screened and tested for Covid symptoms in the ED per the Inpatient Testing Algorithm Universal COVID-19 Patient Testing for Hospital Admissions

o Any patient screening 2 or more points contact the OR Charge Nurse to determine if:

The patient should remain in the ED until test is resulted if possible, or

bypass Preop if possible and go directly to the OR

- If it is not possible to bypass Preop and go directly to the OR, on arrival to Preop or PACU, any patient screening 2 or more will be placed on special precautions and placed in a negative airflow room

o Any patient screening less than 2 will be placed in a regular bay

- It will be left to the discretion of Preop/PACU nursing staff, Attending Anesthesiologist, and Attending Surgeon/Proceduralist if the patient should be escalated to Special Precautions

Inpatient Screening/Testing

o If test was completed more than 48 hours prior to arrival (with 72 hours being an acceptable exception) in Preop/PACU, the patient will be screened according to the testing algorithm noted above.

o If the patient screens with 2 or more points, the RN will notify the Surgeon/Proceduralist to determine if patient should be re-tested

o If the patient screens with less than 2 points, the surgery will proceed as scheduled

Personal Protective Equipment

o For patients screening 2 or more


-N95 Mask

-Isolation Gown

-Eye Protection

o For patients screening <2

-Standard Precautions to include a surgical mask

Patient Transportation

o For patients screening 2 or more, patients will be transported according to the hospital guideline Transportation Guideline for Rule-Out & Positive COVID-19 Patients

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