Additional Covid-19 Anticoagulation Recommendations:

Should biomarkers, such as D-dimer, be used to change anticoagulation management (ie intensification of anticoagulation)?

While elevations of D-dimer and other biomarkers have been associated with worse outcomes in patients with Covid-19 (1-3), it is unknown if intensification of anticoagulant therapy based biomarker thresholds alone improves patient outcomes. Based on currently available evidence, societal guidance (AC forum, ISTH, ASH) does not recommend using biomarkers, such as D-dimer, for intensification of anticoagulation dosing. However, acutely worsening clinical status (including persistent clotting of lines) in conjunction with laboratory value changes, such as a rising d-dimer, may necessitate further thromboembolic workup or empiric treatment.

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Article from the Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis:

Thromboembolism and Anticoagulant Therapy During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Interim Clinical Guidance from the Anticoagulation Forum

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