Dear Denver Health Colleague:

The eyes and heartfelt love of our nation are on every caregiver and support team member, who like many of you are on the front line diagnosing, treating and serving those infected by the coronavirus COVID-19. I feel a tremendous sense of pride every day when I witness firsthand the caring and compassion you render to our patients or the support you give to your colleagues. I cannot begin to fully express our admiration, and respect for you.

As we have seen with our own eyes, difficult times such as these bring out the very best in each of us. By the same token, stressful times such as these can expose problems or issues that must be addressed. Please be assured we will work to resolve any problem or issue that has risen and is adversely affecting our uncompromising commitment to you and our patients. Our intent is to listen more carefully to employee concerns and engage directly with you to develop prioritized plans from this input.

As you may have seen in the news, the Communications Workers of America (CWA) working under the banner of “Denver Workers United” have become involved in trying to organize our employees. Even though the CWA has no legal organizing authority at Denver Health, they or someone working for them may still attempt to solicit you into becoming a dues paying CWA member.

It is my hope that we work directly together to address our issues. If you are asked to sign anything, I encourage you to educate yourself on what you might become obligated to through this action.

At the end of the day, no one cares more deeply for our patients than we do and I assure you, I am personally committed to working together to resolve whatever problems or issues we may face.


Robin D. Wittenstein, EdD, FACHE

Chief Executive Officer

Denver Health

O: (303) 602-4920

C: (516) 492-9663

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