RISE (Resilience in Stressful Events) welcomes all Denver Health staff, including providers, to attend group support for COVID-19-related distress. The free and confidential sessions, which meet via Zoom, are facilitated by RISE responders who are trained to provide emotional support and psychological first aid.

These drop-in groups are interdisciplinary, interdepartmental and available to all Denver Health staff members. They are a psychologically safe space in which participants can mutually support one another with the facilitation of a RISE responder. As COVID-19 cases and needs increase, RISE group support for COVID-19-related distress provides support around your experiences, challenges and distress related to the pandemic.

Contact a Peer Responder or Register for Group Support

303-436-RISE (7473) 24/7 Phone Support by trained peer responders

Visit the RISE Home Page on the Pulse for schedule and registration.

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