Dear colleagues,

I wanted to share some updates on the decisions taken by the leadership group and the board, in our response to COVID-19 and in efforts to re-build trust across Denver Health.

The leadership group of Denver Health – all of the Executive Staff and Directors of Service – have agreed that sacrifices must come from this group. With immediate effect, they will take a self-imposed 20% pay cut to help mitigate the economic impact of this pandemic on Denver Health. As I have previously shared, I have taken a 30% compensation reduction.

Based on the voices heard from staff and from leadership, the Denver Health Board of Directors has decided to revisit the compensation approach for all staff, including the Management Incentive Plan.

I am proud of the actions our leaders and their commitment to staff and patients. Our goal is to begin to restore your trust in DH leadership.

I recognize that this issue has caused division and anger within our organization. Alongside other members of the leadership group, I am meeting with staff and listening to concerns. My hope is that with the commitment of the leadership group and the board’s decision to revisit the entire compensation approach, including MIP, we may come together and heal.

Denver Health will also be in the news again this week. We received an additional Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) request from 9News for information on the annual compensation of a group of employees. Denver Health is subject to the CORA in relation to employee compensation, and as such, we are obligated to provide the information. All the employees whose information has been requested have been notified. The requested information has been provided to the media outlet and we expect the story will run on today or tomorrow. They may publish the information on their website and broadcast the content in TV news reports.

We know everyone is working hard, in an incredibly stressful time, taking care of patients while taking risks and making sure Denver Health can continue to do what we do best – to be there for our community.

Thank you for all that you do.


Robin D. Wittenstein, EdD, FACHE

Chief Executive Officer

Denver Health

O: (303) 602-4920

C: (516) 492-9663

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