NEW: COVID Return to Work Guidance

Important please read thoroughly

Important please read thoroughly

  1. Employees with COVID-19 must receive clearance from COSH to return to work. This requires a 10-20 minute telephone visit with a COSH provider.

  2. We strongly encourage employees to call COSH (303-436-7155) to schedule this telephone visit 8 days after onset of symptoms (or 8 days after the positive test if no symptoms developed). If the 10th day from onset of symptoms (or from the positive test if no symptoms developed) falls on the weekend, schedule the telephone visit for the Thursday or Friday before the 10th day.

  3. Employees must meet the following criteria in order to be cleared by a COSH provider to return to work:

a. Fever free (< 100.4F) for greater than 24 hours without use of fever reducing medication, AND

b. At least 10 days have passed since the onset of symptoms and/or

symptoms are improving, whichever is longer. If you have not developed symptoms, clearance will be 10 days from the test date.

4. Once an employee is cleared to return to work, COSH will e-mail the employee their clearance form.

5. It is the employee’s responsibility to update their manager regarding clearance.

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