Monetary Donations
At this time, Denver Health's greatest need is for monetary donations. Those who want to help are encouraged to contribute to the Fight COVID-19 Urgent Response Fund on the Denver Health Foundation website.

How to Add the COVID-19 Donations eSignature in Outlook:

1. Right-click on the image above and "save picture as."
2. Open a new email in your Outlook.
3. Click "Signature" in the top panel.
4. Click "New" inside the Signature box and name it "Donate."
5. The bottom box will become available for type. Choose the image button to upload the saved Donation image.
6. Once the image is inserted into the box, click the hyperlink box and add this link:
7. Hit "OK" to save the signature and use it whenever you send an email.

Manufacturers, companies and individuals who want to donate supplies should send an email to

We are respectfully requesting monetary donation to the Fight COVID-19 Urgent Response Fund at in lieu of food donations.

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