Denver Health Community Health Centers FAQ (PDF)

Are all Denver Health Family Community Health Centers Open during this time?
Yes. Family Health Centers remain open at this time. You can view clinic hours and operations at

Are you screening patients at your clinics if you have to go in person?
Yes, we will screen all patients that come to our clinics to check for symptoms. Please note we are not able to offer COVID-19 testing at this time.

If I have an appointment should I keep it, or try to reschedule for a later date?
Yes, if you are healthy and not feeling ill, keep your appointment. 

Your visit will likely be done by telephone. At this time we are conducting most appointments over the phone. Please go through the normal scheduling process by calling the appointment center at 303-436-4949 to request a phone appointment.

If you would like to reschedule your appointment please call the appointment center for assistance. Most appointments are able to be seen, though some non-essential services are being deferred, but these are being assessed on case by case basis.

If I have an appointment already scheduled, how can I change it to a Telehealth visit?
Patients are pre-screened for telephone visits and contacted prior to scheduling to see if this is an acceptable appointment for them. The link to the instructions is only given once a video visit is scheduled.

Can I make an appointment if I’m a new patient?
Yes, just call the appointment center 303-436-4949 and tell them you are a new patient. Once you are set up, the doctor’s visit will be done over the phone whenever possible.

How far in advance you can eCheck-in?
Currently, it can be set to 30 days prior to appointment start time.

Should I go to my clinic to get tested for COVID-19?
No. Our clinics are currently not testing for COVID-19. At this time, testing is reserved for providers and those that are hospitalized with severe symptoms. If you have symptoms, please contact your primary care provider office or the Denver Health Nurseline for triage and further instructions.

What is MyChart and do I need it to have an appointment at Denver Health?
MyChart allows you to manage your health care from your phone of your computer. You can schedule appointments, communicate with your doctor, re-order prescriptions, check your after-visit summary and see test results. You can download the MyChart app for your phone here: MyChart (iPhone) MyChart (Android) 

Please note you do not need to register with the ExtendedCare app once downloaded. 

You also do not need MyChart to be a patient at Denver Health or for a face-to-face or phone visit with a Denver Health doctor.

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