Tip Sheet

Curbside testing appointments are quick appointments, 5 mins in length. Use the quick reg/scheduling process.

1. For registration:

  • Collect name, DOB, phone number, basic demographics, and insurance.

  • Consents- Reason: Verbal


  1. Schedule patients for the Curbside Outbreak Testing (864) with LOP RN LAB or Montbello RN LAB

  2. Appt Note:
    a. For DH Employees: Employee Covid Testing
    b. For City Employees: City Covid Testing
    c. For General Public: Covid Testing

d. If a City Employee is claiming Worker’s Comp, tell them to bring their paperwork to the appt.
Note: Bypass other warnings and information.


  1. When checking in the patient ask for name, DOB, phone number. Verify photo id and insurance care. Consents- Reason: Verbal

2. Create HAR and add insurance. No copy at this time.
• IF a City Employee has Worker’s Comp paperwork, make copies.
3.  Add a HAR Note DH Registration- Add Account Note (389) and the comment Covid Testing.

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