Scheduling for COVID-19 Testing
(Suggested provider and clerical communication workflow)

Provider Steps

1. Provider will identify need for COVID-19 Testing visit and submit request.

2. Request will be submitted via secure chat or a warm transfer to clinic for scheduling after provider has also confirmed the following:

a. Does patient have MyChart?
b. If yes, send request via secure chat to clerk to schedule an appointment for the patient (clerk or appointed staff will be determined by clinic).
c. If no, warm transfer the call to clinic to have patient enrolled in my chart and appointment time scheduled (line will be determined by clinic).

Clerical Steps

1. Secure Chat Request: clerical staff will receive message in secure chat and contact patient to offer appointment at best location for patient. Please refer to Epic tip sheet for visit type and provider.

2. Warm transfer to clinic: clerical staff answering these calls will speak to patient and enroll them in my chart. Then appoint them at best location for patient.

3. Patient Instructions for Visit:

a. Clerical staff advise patient to bring ID and insurance card. No co-pay is collected at this time.
b. Instruct patient to arrive on time for the visit.
c. They are to remain in their car for testing.
d. A car is not required for testing. Patients with an appointment will be able to walk up too.
e. No additional testing to family members will be provided without an appointment.

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