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Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) for the employee testing process. If your question is not answered below, please send it via email to COVID-19@dhha.org.

What should I do if I feel like I have symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath)?

  1. If you are at work, notify your supervisor immediately
  2. Go home and self-isolate
  3. Take the COVID-19 staff health survey.
  4. The survey will provide guidance on your next steps

Can I take the survey on my smartphone or home PC?
Yes. You can complete it on a cell phone, a laptop or a personal desktop computer. You do not have to be on the Denver Health network to complete the survey.

Where do I find the COVID-19 Employee Testing survey?

  • Here is the link to the survey: https://dhharedcap.ucdenver.edu/surveys/?s=XWRE9TJPL3.
  • You can access the survey link on the coronavirus subsite on the Pulse. Just click on the button that reads, "Feeling symptoms? Take the Survey."
  • You can also find it on the Denver Health Help Center. Click into the search box and type "staff health survey," to pull up a page with the link.

How will I know if my survey was submitted successfully?

  1. Make sure you click SUBMIT at the very end of the last page.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email sent to the email address you submitted in the survey

Do I have to provide a Denver Health email address?

No, please provide an email address that you have access to 24/7.

Does the confirmation email get sent to MyChart?
No, the confirmation email will be sent directly to the email address you provide within the survey.

Should I go to the AUCC or COSH to get tested if I am high risk or recommended for testing?

  • No. It is most important that you self-isolate and follow the instructions you receive.
  • AUCC and Urgent Care are not testing employees unless they meet criteria for admission to the hospital.
  • COSH is not testing at their location at this time.

What should I do if I live with someone who tests positive?
Take the COVID-19 staff health survey for guidance.

What should I do if I take care of someone who tests positive and might not have worn the correct PPE?
Take the COVID-19 staff health survey for guidance – the survey has the ability to assess your specific PPE use and provide recommendations based on your situation.

Will my coworkers and patients I cared for be notified if I test positive?
Employees may choose to inform their manager when they test positive but are not required to do so. Your supervisor will work to both protect your information and support your team

Will I be notified if my coworker tests positive for the virus?
- You may be notified that a coworker has tested positive for the virus, but confidentiality is protected.

Will I get paid if I have to be off for a long time with COVID-19?
Employees may qualify for paid time off under the Colorado Healthy Families and Workplaces Act. Criteria for eligibility is available here. The application is available on the Pulse benefits page here.

What should I do if I know my coworker tested positive for coronavirus?

  • Monitor your symptoms often and adhere to your area's PPE protocols
  • If you have concerns or develop symptoms, take the COVID-19 staff health survey

If I am scheduled for a COVID-19 test, where do I go to get my test?

  • You must complete the COVID-19 staff health survey to be considered for testing at this time. Be sure you click submit at the very end of the survey when you have answered the questions.
  • Follow the instructions you receive from the survey.
  • If testing is indicated and tests are available, you will be called and scheduled for an appointment to test.
  • When your test is scheduled, you will receive instructions on where to go to be tested.

How do employees get on the “testing” list?

  • The testing list is based on submissions from the COVID-19 staff health survey
  • COSH providers will review the survey data daily to generate a list of employees for next-day testing
  • The list of employees recommended for testing is prioritized based on organizational need

** Review: I haven’t received a call to be scheduled for a test but my survey told me I met testing criteria. Why didn’t I make the list?

  • Due to the limited amount of test supplies, only a certain number of tests are available for employees each day.
  • If you meet testing criteria and are a patient-facing staff member, you are on the first tier of employees who will be tested.
  • Where you are on that list depends on when you completed your survey. For example, if you met testing criteria, are patient-facing, and filled out your survey six hours before a coworker in the same department, then you would be ahead of your coworker on the testing list.

What will happen if one department is hit harder than another with sick employees

  • COSH is working with the COVID-19 Incident Command Center through the Staffing Center to prioritize departments who are losing a disproportionate part of their workforce and, if possible, need to be back to work sooner than another department.
  • During the testing period, you may notice this if entire departments are “jumping” the line to be tested. We will continually reevaluate the organization's needs to provide the best care to our employees and our patients as we move forward in this pandemic.

If my survey result shows that I met testing criteria, what do I do? What are the next steps?

  • Make sure to keep your phone next to you at all times. You'll receive a call to schedule an appointment for testing.
  • During this time when we have a significant amount of employees on our list, please know that we are constantly reevaluating what the organization needs and reviewing the lists. Due to the large amount on our list at this time with limited tests, it may be 48 hours until we call you regarding a test from the time you take your survey.
  • When you are contacted by COSH, we will schedule an appointment time (10 min time window) at one of our drive-up employee testing locations. When you pull in to the drive through area, we review your ID (driver’s license or badge) and insurance card and then perform a quick swab.

When and how do I get my results?
Results will appear in your MyChart and are generally available within 24 hours of being tested.

When can I return to work if my test is negative?
You can return to work 24 hours after your fever is gone without using fever-reducing medications and as long as your other symptoms are improving.

What should I do if my test is positive?

  • You may return to work 10 days after symptoms appeared and when you have been fever free (<100.4) without fever reducing medications for greater than 72 hours and symptoms (cough, shortness of breath) have improved
  • Notify your Supervisor
  • Notify the LOA Office at LOAFMLprocess@DHHA.org
    When you are ready to return to work, call the COSH clinic at 303-436-7155 and schedule a COVID+ Return to Work appointment. This will be a 10-20 minute telephone visit with one of the COSH clinic providers who will assess your symptoms and provide you clearance to return to work.

What if I don’t get tested but my survey said I met testing criteria?

You may return to work when you have been fever free (<100.4 degrees) without fever reducing medications for greater than 72 hours AND symptoms (cough, shortness of breath) have improved with a minimum of 10 days from the start of symptoms.

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