This communication only applies to staff who would like to use hospital laundered (green) scrubs while caring for confirmed COVID-19 patients. If you work in a perioperative or procedural area (OR, GI, Cath lab, SPD, L&D, PreOp, PACU, etc), this communication does not apply to you, and you should continue getting your scrubs via the normal process. Please do not use the new location to obtain or deposit your scrubs.

Hospital laundered (green) scrubs are available to members of the care team who are providing direct patient care on COVID+ units (please review the complete list below). These care teams were selected because they have the most frequent encounters with confirmed COVID-19 patients. As we receive additional scrubs, we will make them available to other direct patient care providers who treat rule-out patients and have a few COVID+ patients on their units.

The units / team who are eligible for scrubs include:

- Emergency Department

- Adult Urgent Care



- 3B

- 4B

- 9A

- Respiratory Therapy

- Phlebotomy

- Pulmonary Critical Care Physicians and Advance Care Providers

- Hospitalists Physicians and Advance Care Providers

- Emergency Department and Adult Urgent Care Physicians and Advance Care Providers

- Neonatologists and NICU APPs


- Mom Baby

- Peds, PICU, NICU


- Pediatric Urgent Case (staff and providers)

- Inpatient Nursing Float and Labor pool employees who are working in the areas listed above

If you are a member of any of the teams listed above or you are assigned to work on these units through the Inpatient nursing float or labor pool, scrubs can be checked out and returned in the SICU waiting room (Pav A, 2nd floor, A2700). Follow the signs and enter through side-door (near OR conference room).

To reduce the wait for scrub distribution, please register in advance via this link: Scrub Registration. If you do not register in advance, you can register in person at the SICU waiting room. In-person registration adds time to the scrub distribution process so please come early if you’d like to register in person.

Denver Health has a limited number of scrubs. To ensure that we have enough scrubs for the team members who are actively treating COVID+ patients, please ensure you:

1) Only check out one pair of scrubs at a time (COVID+ Team Members will only receive one scrub credit)

2) Check out scrubs at the beginning of your shift and return them at the end of your shift. Please be sure to return your scrubs to the same location you received them from (SICU waiting room).

3) Only use scrubs if you are going to have face-to-face encounters with COVID+ patients on the day you are getting scrubs. Please do not check out scrubs if you are doing administrative work on a specific day or are not caring for COVID+ patients.

4) In the unlikely event that we do not have enough scrubs for you on a particular day, please ensure that you bring appropriate work attire with you for your shift.

5) Please always use your badge to checkout and return your scrubs. Your scrub credit is tied to your badge ID number. If a friend or colleague returns your scrubs using their badge, your badge will not be credited with the return. This will leave you with no credits and will make it difficult for you to get scrubs in the future.

Please remember, scrubs are not required PPE for the care of patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. If your job requires wearing scrubs, you should continue to do so. If you did not routinely wear scrubs prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are making scrubs available to you as a courtesy if you are on one of the teams mentioned above. However, there’s no evidence to suggest that scrubs will reduce the transmission of COVID-19. Specifically:

1) COVID-19 is primarily spread from person-to-person through respiratory droplets. There is currently no data to support fomite transmission. Porous surfaces such as clothing are less likely to harbor the virus for long periods of time. Additionally, clothing has not been associated with transmission of other respiratory viruses such as influenza.

2) When worn correctly, the PPE used when encountering patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 (gown, gloves, eye protection, N-95 mask) prevents contamination of skin and clothing. Current evidence supports that use of appropriate PPE is highly effective at preventing transmission of the virus.

Frequently Asked Questions
If you have additional questions, please email:

1) Do I have to get my scrubs at the SICU waiting room or can I go to a different scrub machine? Please only get scrubs at the SICU waiting room. The team members who are treating COVID+ patients will only be registered to get scrubs on this machine. Therefore, the other machines will not dispense scrubs to these employees.

2) Do I need my badge ID number to register for scrubs? Yes, you must have a badge ID number to register for scrubs. If your badge is old and you cannot read the badge ID number, we can register you in person at the SICU waiting room.

3) What if I would like to use scrubs but I’m not on one of the teams listed above? Denver Health would like to eventually make scrubs available to other members of the care team. We have ordered additional scrubs. We will add teams to the eligibility list as soon as we can.

4) Are scrubs required PPE for confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients? No, currently there is no evidence that the use of hospital laundered scrubs reduces the transmission of COVID-19.

5) My unit is treating rule-out COVID-19 patients and even has a few confirmed COVID-19 patients; however, we aren’t listed as a n=unit that is eligible to use green scrubs. Why? Currently, we can only offer scrubs to the team members who will be working heavily with confirmed COVID-19 patients. Once we receive additional scrubs, we hope to expand the list of teams eligible to use scrubs.

6) What if I’m working in these areas through the float pool or labor pool? On the days that you are providing direct patient case on the floors that are eligible for scrubs, you can use hospital laundered scrubs. If you are working on a floor that is not eligible for scrubs, you should not use the hospital laundered scrubs.

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