What are Telehealth Visits?
Telehealth visits are face-to-face encounters with your healthcare provider that are conducted through video over your smartphone or other mobile device. During a telehealth visit, your provider can evaluate your condition and manage your treatment plan without you needing to travel to and from the doctor’s office.

How Do I Enable Telehealth Visits?
To get ready for a telehealth visit, you need to make sure you have installed and configured two separate applications on your iOS phone:

  • MyChart, which is Denver Health’s patient portal that gives you digital access to your health information
  • ExtendedCare, the application used for the video visit

To install and set up the MyChart app:

  1. Go to the App Store and search for “mychart”.
  2. Install the MyChart app from Epic Systems Corporation and open the app after it has installed.
  3. Click Accept for the agreement that appears.
  4. Allow the app to use your phone’s location or choose Colorado from the list of states that appears.
  5. Choose Denver Health from the list of Organizations.
  6. Sign into your account with your MyChart username and password.

To install the ExtendedCare app:
Search for “extendedcare” in the App Store, and choose the ExtendedCare Virtual Care Room app from STA Group LLC in the results that appear. Download and install the app.
Note: you do not need to register the ExtendedCare app if you are prompted to do so.

To confirm and launch your Telehealth visit appointment:

  1. Launch the MyChart app and log in.
  2. Choose Appointments in the Activities area.
  3. Choose the Telehealth Visit that you want to confirm from your appointments list.
  4. Select eCheck-In. Note: you can eCheck-In for your appointment a maximum of 30 days in advance.
  5. On the eCheck-In screen, if you need to edit or update any of your personal information that appears, choose Edit. Enter your changes and select This information is correct. Then select Next.
  6. Choose Submit to close the eCheck-In window.
  7. Select Confirm Appointment.
  8. To test your phone’s camera, microphone and bandwidth to ensure that your video visit will function optimally, choose Hardware Test. You will then see a Test Summary screen that will confirm if your device is able to be used for Telehealth video visits.
  9. Choose Video Visit. You will hear an audio message saying “Welcome to Denver Health Conferencing”. The ExtendedCare app will open, and your video visit will automatically begin. Note: you do not need to register the ExtendedCare app if you are asked to do so.

Important note: For the best video visit experience, please ensure your WiFi signal is persistent and strong. Do not roam during the visit as this could cause the connection to drop. If this happens, close ExtendedCare and start the video visit from MyChart again.

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