Denver Health Telehealth Guide

For translation services please call: 303-739-1211, press 3 and say your preferred language.

What Telehealth options do I have?

At Denver Health, patients are able to:

· Schedule a telephone visit over the phone.

· Schedule a video visit if the care needed suffices for video conferencing with a provider.

Do you have Translation Services for non-English/non-Spanish speakers?

· Yes, translations services are always available.

· Please view this PDF for translations services.

What special equipment or resources do I need to get telehealth appointment with Denver Health?

· None! Simply call the appointment center and see if your visit can be done over the phone. Make sure to sign up for MyChart and download the MyChart app.

If I have an appointment already scheduled, how can I change it to a Telehealth visit?

· Patients are pre-screened for telephone visits and contacted prior to their appointment to change the visit to a telephone visit if appropriate.

· Some appointments may need to be done in person. Your provider will let you know if that is the case.

Can I schedule a telehealth appointment if I’m a new/first time patient?

· Yes! Just call the appointment center and tell them you are a new patient. Once you are set up, the doctor’s visit will be done over the phone whenever possible.

Can I choose between a video vs. telephone appointment?

· Not yet! We’re just rolling out our video capabilities.

· Health care providers will indicate which type of appointment is necessary depending on the care you need.

What if I do have a video appointment, what applications do I need?

· MyChart and ExtendedCare

How do I access MyChart if I want to communicate with my provider?

· Easy! Here are Instructions for MyChart for Android users and iPhone users.

What can I do with my MyChart application?

· Request prescription refills · View visitor notes

· View patient charts and test results · Make payments

· Communicate with your doctor · Check in to a pre-scheduled appointment

** A limited number of appointments can be scheduled through MyChart. For those that can not be scheduled, call the appointment center at 303-436-4949.

Will I be charged the same amount for a telehealth vs. in person visit? Or will insurance bill me extra?

· Telehealth visits are processed by insurance carriers in the same manner as in person visits. There may be co-pays associated with the visit, so please make sure to check with your insurance provider for details. For our DFAP, CICP, Medicaid and Medicare patients there is no co-pay for telehealth visits.

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