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· NEW: Epidemiology data and notes

· NEW: Thanksgiving message

· NEW: Healthcare Heroes Mural in Pavilion A

· REMINDER: Donated Thanksgiving Meals for Employees Working on Thanksgiving Day

· REMINDER: Pumpkin Pie Pick Up for Staff Working Thanksgiving

· REMINDER: Updated COVID Expense Request Form and Purchasing Graphic

· REMINDER: COVID-19 Vaccination FAQ

· REMINDER: Criteria for Use of Remdesivir at Denver Health

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What You Need to Know

As of 6:30 a.m. today, Denver Health had 49 inpatient COVID-19 cases (+3 from yesterday).

For more information, please visit the Denver Public Health COVID-19 Data Summary (Please use Edge or Chrome). The website is updated daily and contains data on cases, hospitalization, deaths, testing and symptom monitoring.

New: Thanksgiving Message

Happy Thanksgiving, Denver Health Staff! Thank you to our incredibly dedicated staff who work around the clock to care for our patient population year-round. This year has been tough, and we know that the work is far from over.

Thank you all for your continued dedication and your spirits which enrich the lives of your colleagues and your patients. We hope you have a safe and healthy Thanksgiving.

New: Healthcare Heroes Mural in Pavilion A

A local artist inspired by our health care workers during the pandemic used acrylic and spray paint to create a 12 x 24 foot mural in the lobby of Pavilion A. The mural, which features a doctor, nurse, and housekeeper, is made up of three panels secured to a brick wall. Austin Zucchini Fowler has painted several murals of health care workers around Denver, but this is his first time creating one inside of a hospital. "Denver is the heart of Colorado, and Denver Health is the heart of health care," Zucchini Fowler said. "As an artist, I have this opportunity to be the voice of the community... I hope that they feel a sense of strength and support from the image. I'd like it to portray our health care workers as the heroes that they are." See how the mural came together and hear more on what inspired the artist in this video

Reminder: Donated Thanksgiving Meals for Employees Working on Thanksgiving Day

Today meals will be available for staff starting at 3pm.

In order to avoid large long lines and the potential for social distancing issues, please designate one individual to pick up for their entire unit/department. If your department has a scheduled delivery no unit designee is necessary.

** Special Reminder: we are asking our staff to please not share meals or eat with others.

REMINDER: Pumpkin Pie for Employees Working on Thanksgiving Day

Pies will be distributed during the four time blocks below which align with shift changes. To secure a pie for your household:

  • You must be an employee working on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Pies should be picked up at the end of your shift.
  • One pie per employee.
  • Proper masking and social distancing is required while in line.

What You Need to Share

REMINDER: Updated COVID Expense Request Form and Purchasing Process

Please see the updated COVID Expense Request Form, which is vital to securing your needs during the pandemic. We have also provided an updated five step COVID purchasing flow chart to help you in your decision making process.

REMINDER: COVID-19 Vaccination FAQ

The COVID-19 vaccines have shown promising results, and Command Center staff have been receiving many questions about the vaccines. We anticipate that a COVID-19 vaccine will be available to health care workers in Colorado in the next several weeks. Please see the FAQ document for more information.

REMINDER: Criteria for Use of Remdesivir at Denver Health

The full criteria for the use of remdesivir at Denver Health can be found on Policy Stat.

1. Laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 AND

2. Clinical status requires hospitalization with an anticipated length of stay of at least 3 days AND

3. Requiring supplemental oxygen to maintain oxygen saturation ≥90% OR mechanical ventilation AND

4. Not already clinically improving AND

5. ID Consult is not required, but may be consulted if questions

Note: Patients who have a 1-2L oxygen requirement but are otherwise clinically stable for entry into or ongoing management in the Virtual Hospital at Home (VHH) program do not require admission solely for remdesivir treatment.

Helpful Links:

· Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Coronavirus Information

· Denver Department of Public Health and Environment Coronavirus Information

· Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Coronavirus Information

· Denver Public Health Website

· Denver Health Visitor Policy

· Please email COVID-19@dhha.org with any questions.

Denver Health COVID-19 Resources:

· COVID-19 Staff Resources section on our website

· Coronavirus Share Point site

· Denver Health COVID-19 Help Center which allows you to search for documents and resources

· Denver Health COVID-19 Help Center

· RISE Virtual Group Support Registration

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